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Meeting Reports


This page shows the report of our last meeting, archived reports are available from the links on the left

Lewis was unfortunately unable to lead the meeting but had prepared the material so Jane was able to step into the breach and help us all investigate the optical properties of fibres, their identification and how to make suitable mounts.


A number of types of fibres were available and mounts were made in liquid paraffin, photographs of four of the fibres shown below, these being;

Vegetable fibre - Flax

Animal fibre - Wool


Man made fibre - Polyester

Fibres, led by Jane Corcoran (on behalf of Lewis Woolnough) - 3 August 2019

This page contains a report of our last meeting. More meeting reports are available by clicking on a date below

5 January 2019 - Crystals and Polarised light

4 August 2018 - Worker Bee Dissection

4 May 2019 - Melissopalynology

1 Jun 2019 - Marine Mounting

6 July 2019 - Wing Venation


Zeiss Universal in the foreground set up for polarised light photography.

Cactus spines under crossed polars with a mica retarder