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Meeting Reports


This page shows the report of our last meeting, archived reports are available from the links on the left

Bee Dissection, led by Jeremy Quinlan

7 August 2021

This page contains a report of our last meeting. More meeting reports are available by clicking on a date below

5 January 2019 - Crystals and Polarised light

4 August 2018 - Worker Bee Dissection

4 May 2019 - Melissopalynology

1 Jun 2019 - Marine Mounting

6 July 2019 - Wing Venation

7 September 2019 - Freshwater Biology

Jeremy led a very successful meeting on bee dissection with 16 club members and 7 visitor attending.  A copy of the workbook used on the day  is available at  this link Bee dissection workbook and below are a few images from the day.

Bee dissection by Robert, Photos by Steve