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Taster Day 2019


Every year we try to run an event where members of the public, both bee keepers and those just curious about microscopy, have the opportunity to try their hand at some of the activities we do at our monthly meetings. This outreach event is generally very popular and this year proved to be no exception - we had a total of 62 visitors, including 12 children, which is an astonishing number bearing in mind that the event is held in a small village hall, in a small village in the middle of a very rural county! Add to that the fact that the weather was glorious which may have tempted folk to head to the coast, but no, they came to Bergh Apton!


The event was held on Sunday 30th June 2019 and had a total of 62 visitors, including 12 children. The activities included;


Zoom in on pollen – make and study a pollen slide

Nosema Testing – bring your own bees

The ‘Magic’ of Polarised Light - make your own crystal slides

The Power of Magnification - from microscopes and lenses  

An Observation Hive.

Do you know your bees? - bees in close-up

Bee diseases and pests - a safe look at the causative organisms

Using the stereo microscope - Insects large and small

Children’s activities, including a quiz with prizes!

Make and Take Away – an Asian Hornet Trap (Making an ‘other species friendly’ Asian Hornet trap.)

Stick insects and leaf insects - an opportunity to see and handle these fascinating creatures


There is no doubt that the event was a great success for all the participants and we had many comments saying how interesting, informative and well organised the day was. Huge credit to Graham and Marika for putting it all together, it couldn’t have been done without them!!!!!!

This page contains a report of our 2019 Taster Day where we invite the public to see what we do. More meeting reports are available by clicking on a date below

5 January 2019 - Crystals and Polarised light


4 August 2018 - Worker Bee Dissection


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