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Below are links to download a series of documents that amateur microscopists may find of value. Most have been produced by Iceni members and are for personal use only. Click on the document name to open it in a new window.

Making Microtools (Part 1) - by Andy Johnston


Making Microtools (Part 2) - by Andy Johnston


Staining Insect Wings - by Andy Johnston


Gram Staining - by Steve Durr


Diatoms - by Chris Adams


Preparation of Dry Mounts of Insects - Lewis Woolnough


Fungi - Lewis Woolnough


Microscopical Examination of Yeast Lewis Woolnough


Mounting Fungal Material in Lactophenol - Lewis Woolnough


Gram Staining Technique Applied to Yeast - Lewis Woolnough


Making a Microscope Slide of Pollen Grains - Lewis Woolnough


Theory of sedimentation and centrifugation - Peter Clarke


Ringing a microscope slide - Peter Clarke


Preparation of pollen slides for the B.B.K.A. Microscopy Examination - Lewis Woolnough


Beck Photomicrography Bench - Gordon Brown


Melissopalynology - John Rhodes


Microtomes - Gordon Brown


Worker Bee dissection - Peter Sunderland


Making a Patch Stop - Lewis Woolnough


Quantifying Nosema Infection - Peter Sunderland


Microtomy - Jeremy Quinlan


Embedding, sectioning, staining etc - Peter Sunderland


Staining Plant Sections - Lajos Winkler


Procedure for mounting mites - Graham Matthews (section on Loca added by Gordon Brown)


This page contains helpful documents largely written by our members.  More links to external web sites are available using the menu below.